La Pyramide Maison Henriroux**

14 boulevard Fernand Point 38200 Vienne
La Pyramide
14 boulevard Fernand Point 38200 Vienne

The Pyramide restaurant invites you on a culinary journey through gourmet cuisine that has featured in the Michelin guide with two stars since 1992. In an ultra-contemporary setting, Patrick Henriroux demonstrates expertise that is as discreet as it is unbeatable.

The customers are always taken aback by the precision, invention and subtlety of the chef's concoctions.
The fine-dining restaurant embodies the spirit of the house: innovative, majestic, unmissable, extraordinary.
Come and discover Patrick Henriroux's cuisine, a chef with two Michelin stars, served in an inviting atmosphere that whets the appetite.
A historic establishment where you can expect a complete change of scenery and a relaxing experience. Embrace the warm and inviting atmosphere where you can literally feel the soul, spirit and kindness of passionate people.
Chef Henriroux's cuisine reflects his character: generous, and driven by the desire to provide customers with pleasure and satisfaction.
This farmer's son was born in 1958 in Haute-Saône, and he has always been passionate about working the land: his creations bring out the best of the vegetables in terms of cooking, seasoning and accompaniments. The chef comes up with new recipes with astonishing precision. You'll be taken aback by the gourmet and creative dishes made using noble products.
Patrick Henriroux is a talented restaurateur, for whom cooking is an all-round experience, synonymous with sharing and exchange, hospitality and flavours. The result is exceptional creations, for a rare and unforgettable culinary experience.

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