Louis Vouland Museum

17 rue Victor Hugo 84140 Avignon
Musée Louis Vouland - façade jardin
17 rue Victor Hugo 84140 Avignon
Located on a street whose elegance was sought after in the 19th century, the Louis Vouland museum is a charming museum somewhat off the beaten path, which provides you with an oasis of beauty in the heart of Avignon. The collection of decorative arts from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, is prestigious. There is a collection of faïence and porcelain, a beautiful garden, and a good range of works by Provençal painters…

This home is much appreciated by visitors for the warm welcome and the elegant atmosphere. It is a place to meet up and a place to make many discoveries, at all ages. The museum emphasizes all forms of expression and transmission. Music, performances, exhibits, conference, readings, and workshops for children are all part of the programming prepared by the Louis Vouland museum. A veritable theatre for unique artistic experiences.

From September 30, each visitor over 12 years old is invited to present a valid sanitaru pass.

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